From the Mookajé dermocosmetic research, a professional program is created, consisting of a line of skin cleansing and care products combined with the use of an Infrared device and our diagnostic application. The Mookaje Professional line of natural and pure elements in synergy with the exclusive OXYGEN CARRIER COMPLEX includes anti-aging products. , Anti-fog, anti-cellulite and anti-slip, and also for deep cleansing of the face. In addition, the water-soluble molecules present in our products make them the ideal complement to transdermal delivery.



Mobile Application

The use of medical devices in synergy with Mookaje products is a powerful ally for specific facial and body treatments. Our equipment that re-activates natural repairing mechanisms is a non-invasive and non-painful method that effectively counteract signs of skin aging and allows for a lasting improvement in skin quality, effectively attenuating the major blemishes. The synergic use of specific products, equipment and App can achieve remarkable results thanks to targeted and customized work protocols.